Water Damage Photo Gallery

Crawlspace Damage

This was an after picture of a crawlspace that had significant water damage.  The team responded and begin clean up.  The water was removed and cleaned, dried and treated properly. 

Basement Water Damage

When SERVPRO of Levittown arrived to this home there was a significant amount of water in the basement.  The team quickly begin to extract the water and use drying equipment to restore back to pre water conditions

Leaking Door in Dunlap Home

The seals on these doors were worn too thin allowing water to enter the home. Every time it rained the water would soak above the door causing a structural problem and some mold damage.

Air Movers in Action

Here is a photo of our air movers in motion. Combined with our dehumidifiers the two can tackle any drying situation. The photo illustrates a technique we use in the restoration industry that allows us to get warm, dry air to affected materials trapped behind wet drywall. By drilling 1-in holes every 8-12 in. we can open up the wall cavity behind the affected drywall without removing half the length of the wall. Just another way SERVPRO is working to save you time and money in the event of a loss.

Water Damage – Bristol Commercial Business

Water damage to this Bristol commercial facility was caused by a plumbing failure in the bathroom. We brought in water removal equipment to clean up the bulk of the standing water. Next we strategically placed air movers and dehumidification equipment to hasten the drying process. The business owners complimented our crew on their efficiency and professionalism. If water damage causes a work stoppage at your company, call SERVPRO of Levittown 24/7 at (215) 785-1777.

Water Damage - Levittown Apartment Building

Water damage to this Levittown apartment building was created when the fire sprinkler system malfunctioned. As the photo shows, we dried and dehumidified the damage areas, avoiding expensive reconstruction costs with the use of SERVPRO’s restoration equipment and processes. If water damage threatens your building, call SERVPRO of Levittown 24/7 at (215) 785-1777.

Flood Damage - SERVPRO Job Rating

After flood damage restoration, we received this review from our customer. The entire staff of SERVPRO of Levittown appreciates the receipt of such positive ratings. Call us 24/7 at (215) 785-1777 if you have floodwater damage that needs to be cleaned up.

Water Damage – Levittown Hospital

Water damage at Levittown medical facility is shown during the drying process. The air movers and dehumidification equipment pictured help accelerate the drying process. It is always important to mitigate damages as rapidly as possible to get our clients back in business. Medical facilities with damages present a unique set of urgencies. We take that responsibility very seriously. If services are interrupted at your place of business, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Levittown 24/7 at (215) 785-1777.