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How To Maintain Your Commercial Building’s Roof

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

Avoid Roof Damage With The Following 3 Roof Maintenance Tips

When it comes to managing a commercial property in Pinewood,PA, exterior maintenance is often just as important as interior maintenance. A poorly maintained roof can cause leaks that may eventually damage ceilings, walls and more. To avoid roof damage and all that comes with it, check out these three roof maintenance tips.

1. Keep It Clean

As leaves and other forms of debris pile up on the roof, they begin to store water and rot the materials underneath. Over time, this can weaken the entire roofing structure, including vital support beams. Thus, it is important to keep leaves, plants and dirt from landing on your roof. Trim any nearby tree branches to keep the leaves away. Trimming overhanging trees is a also a good idea in case heavy branches fall off during a storm.

2. Check the Shingles

One of the most common types of wind damage is the loss of roofing shingles. If your building has a shingle roof, have the condition of the shingles checked at least once a year or after a severe storm. Even one missing shingle might cause a roof leak, especially if the detached shingle covered a seam in the two underlying shingles. Having a regular inspection helps you identify roof damage so you can attend to it before it becomes a problem.

3. Waterproof

Adding a waterproof layer may come in handy in the event of a strong rainstorm, particularly if you have a flat roof that is prone to pooling water. There are various types of waterproofing solutions on the market. Many protective coatings even perform double duty, shielding against roof damage caused by rain as well as harsh sunlight. Waterproofing your roof can save money on utility bills by keeping the roof cooler in the summer and preventing the loss of interior heat in the winter.
Should serious storm damage happen on your commercial property in Pinewood,PA, contact storm cleanup professionals immediately. They will cover the ruined portion of the roof with a tarp to prevent further structural degradation during the roof rebuild. After the restoration is complete, be sure to take preventative measures to guard against future damage.

How To Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Office

8/15/2019 (Permalink)

Establish scape routes in your map

One of your responsibilities as a commercial property owner or business manager is to ensure the safety of your employees and tenants. One crucial aspect of that is creating a fire escape plan.

How Do You Even Begin?

Locate Exits

During a fire, the highest priority it getting everyone out of the building, which means having an emergency escape plan. You should establish two escape routes that move people outside simply and efficiently. Then, you should highlight these routes on a clearly marked map. This map should be displayed as well as included in the written plan. Don't forget to designate a meeting spot outside of the building to gather everyone after evacuation; that way you can make sure everyone is accounted for and regroup.

Assign Duties

A fire escape plan should also include which people are to be doing what during an emergency. Each unique situation may require different or specialized roles, like safety protocols specific to a lab. However, there are some basics that are almost always covered:

  • someone in charge of communications; this includes being in charge of contact information
  • section leaders who may be in charge of rounding people up to leave and keeping count
  • someone designated to call 911 or coordinate with the authorities
  • someone in charge of contacting and overseeing fire remediation services

Train Employees

If you want your plan to run smoothly, you should practice. Your employees need to be familiar with the plan to optimize safety. Make sure to simulate an emergency fire situation and use the evacuation routes at least twice per year. Include education about stopping, dropping and rolling- a technique used if your clothes are on fire. Additional fire safety tips include getting low to avoid inhaling smoke and testing door handles before grabbing them.
Emergency preparedness is essential for the safety of any workplace or commercial space. As a responsible business owner you should put together a fire escape plan as soon as possible, and keep it current as time rolls on.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your HVAC Unit Cleaned After a Fire

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

Have your HVAC unit cleaned and inspected after a fire

Inspect Your HVAC Unit After a Fire

While fire cleaning and restoration is rarely a topic around dinner tables, when you experience such a disaster, it is likely the only thing you can think about. However, with your concern mainly being the structure of your home, how likely are you to consider the damage done to your HVAC unit? There are at least three reasons you should consider having your HVAC unit cleaned and inspected after a fire.

1. Soot and Ash Buildup

First, soot and ash have likely built up within the system. While a fire can be small, that doesn't deter potential smoke damage to your system. HVAC units are designed for cycling air throughout your house, which means that even a little smoke in the kitchen can make its way throughout the structure. Therefore, smoke cleaning is a critical aspect of fire recovery.

2. Duct Damage

Also, depending on the size of the blaze, the heat inside your home can reach upwards of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, possibly melting or distorting ductwork within the walls of your home. Therefore, while performing smoke and fire cleaning, make sure that you check on the integrity and positioning of your ducts.

3. Chemicals

Last, the smoke and fumes caused by melting substances and structures can be filled with toxic chemicals. While your HVAC unit may survive the blaze, it is still a wise decision to have the entire system cleaned and all filters replaced, ensuring any residue of chemicals, smoke and soot are eliminated.
Performing such a task is a significant undertaking, and it is likely best to hire a fire remediation specialist in the Vermilion Hill,PA, area. These workers are trained and certified in disaster cleaning and restoration and can help rebuild your home quickly.
Smoke and fire cleaning an HVAC unit and system is an essential part of any fire restoration. Regardless of the size of the fire, these systems can experience varying degrees of damage. However, trust a professional to clean and restore the system, and keep your family and yourself safe.

The Importance of Proper Personal Protective Gear

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

Mold removal gear

When dealing with mold, safety should be your primary concern. Personal protective gear allows professionals to deal with all sizes and types of commercial mold while still being protected. Learn what gear is essential to protect yourself and find out why professionals rely on this essential gear everyday.

The Right Gear for the Job

Mold removal gear can include a wide range of products and materials. Here are the basics that every commercial remediation professional should use:

  • Disposable gloves, shoe covers and hair covers
  • Complete protective suit
  • Protective goggles
  • Face mask with respirator

Depending on the type of mold, there may be other protective gear required. However, this basic list allows professionals to safely enter areas with large amounts of mold spores and thoroughly clean the area without concern.

Disposable protective equipment is essential to halt the spread of mold growth. Without a disposable layer of protection, mold spores can easily be spread from one room or one commercial building to another. When you’re working with a company who is Faster to Any Size Disaster, disposable protective layers are a major barrier to mold.

Proper Air Filtration

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from mold is an air-purifying respirator. A premium mask with a filter, such as an N-95, protects you from up to 95% of all particles in the air. Mold spores are small, airborne and can be both indoors and outdoors.

For even more protection, a mask rated N-99 keeps you safe from 99% of all airborne particles. Most professional remediation companies choose N-99 or N-95 masks for superior protection. This not only protects the mold remediation specialist, it can help avoid the spread of mold from one location to the next.

Complete Protection for Your Commercial Building

Protect your commercial Dunlap, PA property. From air quality control to surface mold removal, personal protective equipment is essential for keeping mold remediation specialists protected and preventing mold spreading from building to building.

3 Tips for Shielding Your Home Against a Flood

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

Move outdoor equipment this includes a power generator

Ways to Keep Your Living Space Shielded Against Flooding

When stormy weather threatens to damage your home in Croydon Heights,PA, protecting it from potential flooding is vital. There are a number of simple flood safety tips you should follow in order to ensure that your home remains safe during harmful weather. Here are some ways you can keep your living space shielded against flooding.

1. Move Outdoor Equipment

All of your outdoor equipment should be placed above flood level to ensure that it remains protected. This includes any of the following items:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Fuel tanks
  • Generators
  • Supply lines

If these objects are not moved so that they are safely above flood level, they are at risk of being damaged. Be sure to elevate your outdoor equipment if you are expecting rainy or stormy weather.

2. Install a Backflow Valve

In the event of a flood, it is also important to take care of your sewage system. If a sewage system becomes flooded, it can lead to a sewage backup in your home. An effective way to prevent sewage from backing up is to install a backflow valve. For maximum flood safety, these valves should be installed on each pipe that reaches toward your home.

3. Guard Your Furniture

Any furniture that is located on the ground floor of your home should be moved upstairs or at least elevated. This can prevent it from becoming submerged in water and severely damaged as a result. To keep your furniture flood proof, clean out your gutters and drains to keep excess water from seeping into your house.

If your home is at risk of flooding, taking the right precautions is crucial. In the event that your living space becomes damaged as a result of a flood, don’t wait to call for help. Contact emergency restoration services to bring your home back to its normal condition. Immediate action and flood safety guidelines are key when dealing with flood damage.

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher Effectively

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

The PASS technique

For Proper Use of an Extinguisher use the PASS Technique

Are you familiar with proper fire extinguisher use in the event of a fire at your business in Falls Township,PA? It may appear straightforward, but every second counts in an emergency and quick action may help stop the spread of the fire. By correctly using an extinguisher, you may also be able to prevent the need for a significant fire damage assessment after the event. The following steps illustrate the PASS technique (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep) for proper use of an extinguisher.

1. Pull

The first step is to pull the ring pin on the extinguisher, located near the lever. Removing the pin will break the seal and prepare the device for use. Look at an extinguisher in your building to see where the pin is located.

2. Aim

While holding the lever in one hand, point the fire extinguisher nozzle in the direction of the fire. Aiming towards the base of the fire, and not at the flames, will help cut off the fire from its source.

3. Squeeze

When you are ready to discharge the extinguisher contents, squeeze the lever. Hold on tight, as the contents may be expelled forcefully. Be sure to keep aiming at the fire’s source.

4. Sweep

Sweep the extinguisher from side to side while still pointing it at the source of the fire. Continue this motion until all of the extinguishing media is released or until the fire is completely out. Be sure to watch the area closely to ensure the fire does not re-ignite.

Keep in mind that a fire extinguisher should be used on small fires only. If the fire is large or if you feel incapable or uncomfortable handling it on your own, evacuate the building and call for help. Whether you are dealing with a small kitchen fire, utility room fire or a fire in a cigarette receptacle, being prepared to use an extinguisher may prevent serious property damage from occurring.

3 Ways To Care for Your Building’s Plumbing

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Plumbing problems in a Croyden, PA business

Steps to Care for Your Buildings Plumbing Long-Term

If your business in Croyden, PA, is experiencing plumbing problems, you may be wondering what steps the best plan of action includes. Here are some commonly recommended steps by many experts that may help you care for your buildings plumbing long-term.

1. Work With a Professional

One of the first things you can do to help care for your business property's plumbing is to work with a professional. Whether you're having trouble with drainage, are concerned about the functionality of your water main, or just want a general inspection, a professional has the tools, training and equipment to take care of the job properly. You may also want to talk to them about scheduling regular check-ups for your plumbing system.

2. Have the Plumbing Regularly Inspected

Another way to take care of your business property is to help prevent potential plumbing problems by having a regular inspection. A professional familiar with your business property will know the needs of your plumbing system and be able to efficiently check over and talk to you about needed repairs before water damage becomes a long-term problem. A regular inspection may also allow your plumbing professional to know what is normal for your property and have an idea of what potential problems to keep an eye out for.

3. Take Care of Problems When They Happen

If your business does experienced flooding from a broken pipe, or another type of water damage, it's best to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Contacting a water damage restoration service, such as SERVPRO, is recommended as this team of professionals can not only look for any related damage, but restore the property as well.
Remember, if your business is experiencing plumbing problems, it may be best to call a professional. Have the property’s water lines, faucets, and other pipes regularly inspected, and if you do experience problems it’s best to take care of it as quickly as possible.

How To Clean Items Damaged by Water

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

All electronic items should be safely unplugged

The aftermath of flooding, natural disasters and even a broken pipe can devastate personal property, sometimes to a point beyond repair. For all salvageable possessions, follow the tips below to restore them as best as possible.

Attempting Restoration

Restoration, in any case, is involved and arduous. Should you decide to restore items damaged by water in the home, the following steps should be enacted.

  1. Begin by turning off the power to affected rooms in order to prevent electric shock.
  2. All electronic items should be safely unplugged and only handled by trained professionals.
  3. Move desired furniture, bedding, carpeting, carpet mats and other possessions outside for drying in the open air.
  4.  Hose off and scrub items to remove impurities.
  5. Scrub items with disinfectants designed to treat the type of furniture being cleaned.
  6. Clothing can be sent to dry cleaning specialists to remove stains and dirt.

Many items may be irreversibly damaged from water in the home. Therefore, you have to determine if saving damaged items through professional assistance is worth the effort.

Contacting Your Insurance Agent

You may not have to worry about restoring replaceable items if they are already covered under an insurance plan. If you are covered, be sure to document what items are damaged and take plenty of pictures.

Replacing Documents

With paper-based possessions — documents, books, photographs, etc. — the renewal process requires a professional water damage restoration service for best results. Through proven freeze-drying techniques, professionals can either return restored documents to you or convert them to digital files. Another great benefit of using professionals is that they have the technology to remove bacteria and unsafe chemicals from contaminated documents while protecting the integrity of the paper itself.

If you live in the Tullytown, PA, area and experience massive amounts of standing water in the home, you must act quickly if you want to salvage your belongings. By following the steps above, you can eventually restore furniture, documents and personal belongings to their pre-disaster levels, allowing you to focus on repairing the rest of your home.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Home in Makefield

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

Day or night, SERVPRO representatives are prepared to handle your call and respond with immediate attention.

Dealing with a Makefield fire damage problem in any home whether Newtown, Yardley, Washington's Crossing, or New Hope. can bring along many other challenges with it. Getting the family settled in a home away from home, feeding the family from other resources and the cost of outside meals skyrocketing can be very stressful for the entire family. Also, buying new clothing for the family if needed, keeping up with paying bills, driving extra miles to school or work from another location and a host of other things that can add to the stress. In addition to this, the owner of the home may also choose to coordinate the Makefield fire damage recovery process themselves.

To prevent some of these severe problems and cut down on the stress level that comes with dealing with fire devastation, many people who have had already had this trying experience normally highly recommend turning the duties of coordinating the recovery process over to the professionals.

With that said, for those of you who may be struggling with making the decision to pay fire restoration company to provide their services instead of coordinating these activities yourselves, you can review the top benefits of hiring them below.

Benefits of Hiring a Restoration Company

Offers Special Skills and Expertise

It is important to note that people who work in this industry possess many years of fire damage and restoration field experience. Therefore, they have already handled different types situations that have provided them with the knowledge and expertise to tackle unique problems. Unlike many homeowners involved in a fire, they do not have much to learn and can avoid major costly mistakes that are easy to make.

Proper Resources and Equipment

When contacting these professionals, they are already ready on a 24/7 basis to handle both small and large jobs. Therefore, they can send a team of professionals to clean up both fire damage and water damage immediately.

Assists with Insurance Company Requirements

Dealing with the insurance companies after a fire can also be a burden on the homeowner. However, when these professionals are involved, they can also help steer the owner through the process. So, for those of you who need a contact for your situation, you should call SERVPRO of Levittown at (215) 785-1777 today.

Fire Damage in a Newtown Commercial Property

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

Whether small or large, commercial fires can cause numerous impediments to business, call us today!

Fire damage restoration specialists know, commercial fires in Newtown, Yardley, or New Hope can have debilitating and even deadly consequences. According to the National Fire Protection Association, office property fires resulted in more than 3,000 calls to the fire department within the last five years. Additionally, these commercial fires generated more than $4 billion worth of property damage. Although the reality of fires and the damage they cause can seem overwhelming, learning more about the causes of commercial fires as well as how to effectively deal with them can ease your fears and preserve your property. To accomplish these objectives, refer to the following quick reference outline on commercial fire damage.

Commercial Fire Damage

What Can Cause Commercial Fires?

There are a wide range of factors that can lead to commercial fires. Some of the more prevalent causes include:

  • Lightning
  • Arson
  • Lighting equipment
  • Electrical equipment, and overloading of circuits
  • Cooking equipment, and excessive grease buildup
  • Improper storage of flammable products and paper goods

When fires burn, they can cause substantive, obvious fire damage. However, it's important to know that some of the structural damages caused by fires is not readily visible. For example, smoke and fire that spread throughout your property can release toxic gasses, air-borne particulates, and chemicals while also consuming building materials.

Types of Commercial Fire Damage

There are several types of commercial fire damage that can impact your office and property. Some of them include:

  • Office assets (such as furniture and electrical equipment) and paper documents
  • Burnt structures (cabinets, framing, flooring, and drywall)
  • Smoke (either dry or wet)
  • Soot (especially when it results from furnace puff back)
  • Water damage, result of fire suppression system or fire extinguishing service of the local FD
  • Mold damage resulting from standing water
  • Odors from toxic chemicals and smoke requiring efforts to restore good air quality

How SERVPRO Can Assist You

As a team of professional fire damage specialists with extensive experience and a sense of urgency for getting results, our certified technicians can provide you with the fire damage remediation services necessary to restore your commercial property. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Protecting all regions unaffected by the commercial fire
  • Securing the commercial setting, boarding up or tarping
  • Taking a detailed inventory of your damaged materials, CCIS
  • Conducting an assessment to determine the depth and scope of damages
  • Determining the best restoration methodologies
  • Working with your insurance adjuster
  • Detecting and removing toxic chemicals and gasses
  • Restoring your commercial property to its pre-fire condition

As a team of IICRC-certified technicians who are persistent in offering optimal fire damage restoration services, the professionals of SERVPRO are available 24/7/365. We value your need to reopen your doors to your business, office or building in Newtown or Yardley.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Levittown can respond immediately to your commercial fire damage emergency regardless of the size or scope of the damage. We are part of a national network of over 1,650 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams. Call us for a quick response. (215) 785-1777