Recent Before & After Photos

Faulty Dryer Puts Whole House Under Smoke and Soot

After a clothes dryer caught on fire, it left almost every room in the house affected by smoke and soot. Our team was able to remove the damaged materials and r... READ MORE

Local Business Clean Up

Even large businesses experience water, fire and mold emergencies! At this local company a large fire destroyed everything in its path, damaging the office and ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Newtown

After an outside drain backed up during a heavy storm, this brand new basement was flooded with more than 3 1/2 feet of dirty water and debris. Our skilled team... READ MORE

Department Store Calls in SERVPRO

When a local Bed, Bath and Beyond experienced a bad water loss from a major storm, they called in SERVPRO of Levittown Newtown Yardley to get their business bac... READ MORE

Extreme Mold Damage

Mold is extremely dangerous and can grow rapidly in basements and crawl spaces due to the lack of air flow and extra moisture. Left untreated, these spaces can ... READ MORE

Warehouse Experiences Major Water Loss

When a company experiences a water loss, many times it brings business to a sudden halt. Here at SERVPRO, it is our mission to get your home or business back to... READ MORE

Protective paint coat seals out smoke smells and residue

A devastating fire took everything in its path at this local home in Levittown. Our team came in and performed demo work throughout the entire house, bringing i... READ MORE

Moldy Bathrooms

Don't let mold ruin your home's bathrooms! Bathrooms are often affected by mold due to the moisture and heat that build up in spaces like showers. In this home,... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Commercial Building in Levittown

Commercial Break Room DamageThe break room is where all the employees gather to make lunch and shoot the breeze. This particular day someone forgot to turn off ... READ MORE

Falls Township Sewer Backup

Storm Damage in Falls TownshipThe sewers could not hold all the water that accumulated during a storm causing multiple homes to backup. The black water tha... READ MORE