Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Sewage on Counter

The counter of this home had sewer backup after the latest storm. The drains in the streets filled up and the homes in the area backed up. Cleaning up black water is one of our areas of expertise.

Call SERVPRO of Levittown if your home has a sewer backup problem.

Roof Leaking in Fairless Hills

The roof of this home had been damaged due to rain. The leak caused much of the ceiling to be wet and cave in some places.

We at SERVPRO of Levittown can handle all types of water damages, even leaky roofs.

Wet Ceiling From Storm

The latest storm caused many homes in the area to have leaks. This photo shows how the ceiling and walls were soaked through. In this picture the ceiling had not been removed like the walls had.

Ice Dams in Levittown

Ice dams usually form under eaves of a home. Large icicles are a sure sign of having an ice dam. If one forms on your home you may have a trickle water leaking into the attic and walls. 

Falls Township Home Damage

Storms can cause a lot of devastation both inside and outside the home. The flooding was no too deep but enough to have to remove the carpet and baseboards to help dry out the home.

Sewage Backup in Vermillion Hill

The Vermilion Hill homes had sewer back into their homes during a heavy storm. The poor family tried to keep it form coming up by stuffing it with clothes but it didn't workout for them.